Roy Karch

Roy has worked as a director with a number of different media companies including:

  • Inner City Television / Hal Jackson Productions (as producer)
    • James Brown
    • The Sylvers
    • Apollo

  • Abby Mann Productions
  • All Channel Films
  • Cable Entertainment Distribution
  • Coastline Licensing International
  • D’Laine Entertainment

“The Underground Tonight Show”(producer/director) 1974-1977, which featured the brightest names in politics, music and erotic entertainment.

Here are some of the guests that appeared:

Musical Artists

  • Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  • Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders
  • Phil Ochs
  • Patti Smith
  • Grimes Pasinov, “the Human Jukebox”
  • Buzzy Linhart
  • David Amram
  • John Hammond Jr.
  • Richie Havens
  • Tiny Tim
  • Rob Stoner Band (Stoner toured with Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review)
  • Free Beer
  • Raun McKinnon
  • The Unholy Model Rounders
  • David Peel and the Apple Band
  • Elephant’s Memory
  • Jack Hammer, star of “Electric God,” a tribute to Jimi Hendrix
  • Jake and the Family Jewels
  • Mirabai

Culture Heroes and Characters

  • Dr. John Moore, “King of the Hoboes”
  • Wavy Gravy, founder of The Hog Farm (oldest commune in the U.S.)
  • Joe Franklin, WOR-TV personality
  • Miss Miller (THE Miss Miller)
  • Philippe Petiti, highwire artist who walked between the World Trade Center towers
  • Aron Kay, man who pied Bill Buckley and Daniel Moynihan
  • Paul Krassner, inventor of The Realist
  • Tuli Kupferberg, original member of The Fugs
  • Herman Slater, owner of the Witch and Warlock Shop, practicing witch

Comedians, Mimes and Dancers

  • Brother Theodore
  • Adam Keef
  • Musical Mime
  • Zubin, the tie-dye king

Political Crusaders and Social Mavericks

  • Florynce Kennedy, founder of The Feminist Party, attorney
  • Margo St. James, crusader for prostitutes’ rights
  • Bill Bard, birth control advocate
  • Gerald Lefcourt, Chicago Eight attorney
  • Sherman Skolnick, assassination researcher
  • Mae Brussell, assassination researcher
  • Stanley Faulkneer, prominent attorney
  • David Dellinger, lifetime pacifist
  • David McReynolds, secretary, War Resisters’ League
  • Leon Ross and Frank Coletti, Mental Patients Liberation Front
  • Jim Owles, president of the Gay Activists Alliance
  • Morty Mandford, president, National Coalition of Gay Organizations

Actors, Directors and Producers

  • Rollin Binzer, director of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones”
  • Frank Speiser, star of the “The World of Lenny Bruce”
  • Rod Swenson, producer of Ms. All-Bare America
  • Earl Wilson Jr. and Phil Osterman, producers of “Let My People Come”
  • Julian Beck and Judith Malina of The Living Theatre
  • Kevin Conway, star of “When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder?”
  • The San Francisco Mime Troupe
  • Paul Colby, owner of The Other End
  • Art D’Luggoff, owner of The Village Gate
  • Mike Porco, owner of Folk City
  • Leil Lownes, director of the Sexual Fantasy Project
  • The Pacific Street Film and Editing Cooperative
  • The Friends Road Show
  • Ron Link, director of “Women Behind Bars”

Erotic Entertainers and Sexual Celebrities

  • Marilyn Chambers, star of “Behind the Green Door” and Ivory Snow
  • Jackie Curtis, Transgender actress – Warhol Superstar
  • Holly Woodlawn, Transgender actress/singer/author – Warhol Superstar
  • The Angels of Light
  • Harry Reems, co-star of “Deep Throat”
  • Jennifer Wells, star of “Honeypie” and burlesque
  • Jiminy Crickitt, male stripper
  • Wendy Blodgett, Ms. All-Bare America
  • Tina Russell, X-rated actress
  • Darby Lloyd Rains, X-rated actress
  • Divine, star of “Pink Flamingos’ and “Women Behind Bars’
  • Fanne Foxe, former girlfriend of Congressman Wilbur Mills
  • Leo Peters, organizer of swingers’ parties
  • Don and Jo Jo Hughes, operators of “The Underground” swingers organization
  • Sister Marlane, “pleasure” candidate for President
  • Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine
  • Leil Lownes, member of the sexual fantasy


  • Don Pass, founder of Bisexual Liberation
  • Anita Hoffman, Abbie Hoffman’s wife, “Letters to America with Love”
  • A.J. Weberman, “Coup d’etat in America”
  • Betty Dodson, “Liberating Masturbation”
  • Bernhardt Hurwood, “The Whole Sex Catalog”
  • Jerry Rubin, “Growing Up at 37”
  • Spider Webb, “Heavily Tattooed Men and Women”
  • Allan Williams, original manager of the Beatles

Media Figures

  • Larry Josephson, general manager of radio station WBAI
  • Andy Kowal, publisher of High Times magazine
  • Dr. Harry Harmon, medical consultant to High Times
  • Alex Bennett, producer of “Midnight Blue”

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